Juniper and I were sitting on the steps outside our house when she asked me “If I turned into a rainbow, what would you say?”

Lately, she has been asking me these funny and whimsical questions (that only a small child can think of) and I marvel at her imagination. 

I don’t remember what I replied back to her rainbow question, but I was so tickled by it that I immediately sketched out these three drawings with my mechanical pencil (it helps to carry a sketchbook everywhere).

“What are you drawing?” She asked me with the bright curiosity of a four year old, and I said “I think…a girl dancing with a rainbow?”

The more times I allow myself the space to sketch out spontaneous ideas quickly instead of questioning or thinking too much about them, the more expressive they become. If I have one piece of advice for any artist it is to sketch every single idea you can. 

The drawings above are only one iteration of an infinite amount of possible sketches, but in order to get to better ideas, the first sketches need to be made.

And there is something so wonderful about those sparks of inspiration. They exist all around us. Sometimes they hide and must be unearthed. Sometimes inspiration is like distant music, but if I slow down and listen, I can hear it.