Day 4 of January Sketch Vignettes.

There can sometimes be a lonely divide between an artist and their artwork. 

First, there is life we live. There are the awkward experiences and the painful stories we have. There are the beautiful and hilarious moments that inspire us. 

There are also times we accidentally break things and have to clean them up. The times we have to endure the mundanity of washing the toilet or standing in line. There is frustration and insecurity and our deep seeded fears. 

Then there is the art that we create to make sense of it all. 

Sometimes, I will be cleaning the dishes or helping my daughter get dressed and in those moments, I don’t feel like an artist. As if my art lives separate from those things. As if an artist is “this” and not “that”. 

Yet what I’ve learned is that attempting to put thoughts into words everyday helps bridge the gap between the ordinariness of my life and the magic of my imagination.

I have found that the most wonderful art is when the particularity of an artist shines through their artwork like light through a prism, reflecting and radiating outward.