There once lived a flower who felt insecure because she couldn’t grow any petals. She worried no one would pick her.


Which made the flower happy.

This weekend I read a fascinating story writing guide called “Writing Picture Books” by Ann Whitford Paul. I was thinking about a character I had been working on, realizing how I was having trouble thinking what her flaws could be, even with knowing how flaws are what make us beautifully human.

Then I started to think how it is fascinating to know that everything I do and think is because of the stories I am telling myself. With this awareness, it’s easier to imagine new dimensions in characters. It is also easier to have more compassion for myself and for other people. 

What we believe about a particular thing is a story. Imagining why someone might be doing the thing that they are doing is a story. What we believe is possible for us is a story. Sometimes our stories based on evidence and sometimes they are based on imagination and often they are somewhere in between.  

And wow, how the story can change depending on our perspective.