I am in love with color and with delicate, ethereal things. This is the place I go to in order to find calm in this chaotic world.

When I started really learning how to shade and render (in the way that I do in the drawings you see on this website), I was in my early twenties. I think that I developed my style from being shy… meaning that I spent hours sitting amongst people drawing and drawing and drawing- avoiding conversation. I could finish a 9″ x 12″ drawing in about an hour, layered with color and detail, because I simply did not stop drawing. I was developing my style. I was becoming an artist. I was teaching myself about soft shading, wispy lines and exuberant color. Those stylistic elements are a product of my personality.

These days I love conversation, and I find much inspiration by talking with people.

However, in order to have found my style, I needed to tune many things out and just spend many quiet hours working.