1.  A special place to make art. Having my desk next to my four year old’s so we can work alongside each other is everything. She can learn to take her ideas seriously. She can watch me making art. I am endlessly inspired by her play.

2. Nap/rest/Quiet-Time in which I can think more clearly, work uninterrupted and enjoy the sound of the trees (see previous post).

3. A somewhat minimal approach to available supplies. Less is more.

4. Focus On The Big Picture (no pun intended). An ability to ignore passive aggressive comments from people assuming what I’m doing isn’t hard, valuable work. (Though being a creative AND a mom is challenging in many ways, each being hard in and of itself, a lot of people don’t realize that it’s also pretty awesome.)

5. Remembering. Remembering to take creativity everywhere. Remembering how portable notebooks to write ideas down and make sketches in are always a great thing. Remembering that ideas can be found in the most mundane of activities. Remembering that it’s not always necessary to be “doing something productive”, and the joy that my daughter exudes when I stack blocks is always worth it.