One thing I’ve learned about making art is the importance of aimless sketching; simply moving your pencil on the paper to see what happens. Recently, I have also learned that sketching is more enjoyable when using a mechanical pencil with a 0.3 pencil thickness.

Whenever I start the process without concern for making something good, ideas always appear.

There is the artwork that lives at the surface of your consciousness: project ideas, thoughts, interests, fascinations and everything you are currently inspired by.

Then there’s the artwork you haven’t made that lives below the surface. The artwork you are not even aware that you want to make. Sometimes you might discover some of those hidden ideas by starting the process of creating something with relatively little planning.

If I don’t know what to draw, I could look through sketchbooks, look outside my window or through my notebooks of ideas. I could read something inspiring or lie on the floor thinking about all of the thing I want to make.

Yet, the best thing to do is just to start moving my pencil on the paper. Aimless sketching.

Drawing is the best way of thinking about what to draw.