Here is where I work on art stuff. I placed my desk here because it has the most light.

Here is my desk (before I cleared it off). I went for a natural, unorganized look for this photo.

I feel it’s important to display a few special things on my wall.

Including this little girl tenderly embracing a leaf. Pinned near her is a slice of paper my daughter colored with marker and left on the floor, and I found the colors too lovely to throw out. My daughter reminds me to remember the joy of experimentation.


This is my four year old’s work area.¬†Paper taped to the chair, her little table covered with supplies, an ongoing collage on the wall, a drawing that she later cut out while it was still hanging on the wall, her feather crown she wears to “be magical” and a portrait of her looking like a serious fine artist.

You can create quite a lot in a small space. All you need is a surface that can be cleared off daily, (ideally) some natural light, organized supplies, ideas, and time well spent.