From the time when I wrote out my sixth newsletter to send, to the time I am writing this right now, so much as changed in the world. I don’t even have to write it out because you know what I mean.

I want to take this moment to say how grateful I am to be here (with you all) on this earth. I am grateful to anyone who ever looks at my art or reads this blog. I don’t take that privilege for granted. I hope that when you come here you will find something beautiful, dreamy and whimsical. If anything, something serene to look at and think about. 

It is easy to feel disconnected from each other, to think that we are not the same as the person next to us. Yet almost all of us want the same things: to be here. We want to be healthy. I think most of us want to say “I love you” to the ones we love, if possible, in person. With many, many many hugs. 

I go to the grocery store and I see the person next to me picking out their items and I know that they are just doing their best to be here. It is all too much sometimes when I think about how much I wish every single person I walk by stays healthy and does not have to know suffering. 

I make art to contend with the inevitable suffering I feel. Sometimes, suffering seems to invade my being. I profoundly miss my brother and my father. I wish I lived closer to my mom and my siblings. I long for days that I will never have again. 

This is why I make things. Why I want to put artwork into the “world” that can inspire peace, and a sense of calm. In uncertain, anxiety provoking times I am more sure than ever of my role as an artist.

My therapist once illuminated to me that “the world” is not an independent thing, that it exists in everyone’s head. What does “The world” mean when we say it? It is sometimes hard to articulate. The world is comprised of people. Individuals. All with their own hopes, dreams, fears, memories and opinions. The world can seem like this huge, disconnected thing, yet is all of us together.