I am new to book making, but I have written little stories since I was a child and have fantasized about making books for many years. This year, after getting stuck writing longer form stories, I decided to come up with a simpler idea. I am convinced that the way to become unstuck with a creative problem is just to make something, and after that, make another something.

Wondering and Dreaming is an ode to how little people do not limit their imaginations. They will draw without judgement, dance without self-consciousness, and approach life with a contagious enthusiasm. I came up with the characters and words for this book by watching my daughter throughout the day and often marveling at the little funny things she does.

My process: I started out with 12 spreads (rectangles that would be divided into two pages each) and had Juniper start to draw something on each of them. I added to the drawings with my own shading, came up with a poem to be told in those spreads, and then proceeded to create a character for each page illustrating the lines of the poem.



Wondering and Dreaming, published by me through Blurb.com, available to purchase very soon. Stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter to find out when it becomes available.