We went into the forest and put leaves in a sketchbook.

The only thing that really came of it is the memory of the experience and that is a wonderful thing.

I marvel at my daughter making things and not labelling what she is making as “art”. She is an artist because she doesn’t identify with not being an artist. That’s all there is to it. She just makes things. Things that can disappear.

Children make things and want to share it, just as we do. And if we are lucky enough to spend time making art with children, we get better at making our own things.

When we make stuff with children we get to play, explore and have space from “serious matters”. It is important work.

Enthusiasm, fervor and endless possibilities. These are what children do best. They truly enjoy the process of making things and show us how to create without thinking of what we “should” be making.

Collaborations with kids can be interesting and novel. Anything can be art. The combination of their naivety and our sophistication is a magical thing, and those collaborations can spark amazing ideas.

Children remind us of the artists we once were and are capable of being.

And when they watch us make things with our hands, they learn that they don’t ever have to stop making things.