Yesterday morning I found these teeny tiny pencils that my sister (who always one to give quirky and highly individualistic presents) had gifted me many years ago because she knows I love tiny things.

It seems that I had been saving them for this moment in time; to share with my three year old who was more infatuated with putting the tiny pencils in and out of their casing.

Just look at how precious these lil’ pencils are.

Would they be cool to draw with? Too tiny to hold? Juni and I had to find out. As it turns out, the lead was nice and smooth to draw with, just like regular human sized pencils. Tiny pencils, as you can imagine, make tiny marks. My detailed drawing loving soul was in heaven…until I attempted to sharpen them. Alas, I don’t have a tiny sharpener. Juniper, still making hard marks on the paper, ran them down pretty quickly. And that was the end of the tiny pencils. Now they will be preserved forever in this little blog post.